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Indicadores de nivel capacitivo Capacitance level indicator for continuous measurement of levels in tanks and containers.

Indicador digital de estanque para gasolina y petroleo DIT 01 For continuous level measurement in tanks containing fuel oil EL, L or diesel. Specially suitable for underground tanks and basement tanks. For liquid levels from 900 to 3,000 mm.

Indicadores digitales de estanque para agua DIT 02 Specially suitable for continuous level measurement in rain water tanks and cisterns. For liquid levels from 900 to 4,000 mm.

Indicador de nivel hidrostático para gasolina y petroleo TankControl 01. Continuous reading level indicator with graphic display of consumption rate (history), forward fuel coverage (projection) as well as minimum fuel level alarm (reserve).

Indicador hidrostático universal de nivel TankControl 02 TankControl 02. Continuous reading level indicator with graphic display of consumption rate (history), signalling of minimum and maximum liquid levels as well as level control function. For tanks from 1,000 to max 4,000 mm liquid height.

Indicadores ultrasónicos compactos de Nivel SonarFox® For continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids and freeflowing solids with various surface characteristics and consistencies.

Indicador de Nivel Magnetoestrictivo MagFox MMG 01 MagFox MMG 01 works on the magnetostrictive principle. A magnetostrictive wire is integrated in the tubular sensing probe. The microprocessor controlled sensor electronics generate electromagnetic pulses which pass through the wire and create a circular m

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