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Termómetros electrónicos portátiles

TM6 is a very handy, robust temperature measuring instrument for simple, accurate and extremely fast measurements of surfaces, liquids, soft-, plastic media or in air and gases. The TM8-IR is a non-contact infrared thermometer with laser aim and large, ba
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Temperatura TM6, TM8-IR, TM5, TMD5   Afriso
Termómetros electrónicos portátiles.


08-2021 08

Handheld electronic thermometers TM6.

Very handy, robust temperature measuring instrument for simple, accurate and extremely fast measurements of surfaces, liquids, soft-, plastic media or in air and gases. The unit features max, min and „hold“ function, an RS232 interface as well as a memory for 16 measured values. In addition, the displayed measured value can be corrected, e.g. in order to compensate for sensor tolerances (1 point-cal-function).

Technical specifications

Thermocouple Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Measuring range -99.9 °C/+1,370 °C
Accuracy of measurement ±0.5 °C (±1 digit) (instrument only)
Resolution 0.1 °C from -99.9 °C/+299.9 °C, otherwise 1 °C
Memory capacity 20 measured values
Plug connection Miniature connector
Operating temperature range Ambient: 0 °C/+50 °C
Display 1 line LCD
Housing Impact resistant plastic (ABS)
Dimensions W x H x D: 65 x 130 x 25 mm
Weight 240 g
Supply voltage 2 x 1.5 V AA, batteries
Battery life Approx. 200 hours

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Handheld electronic thermometers TM8-IR.

The TM8-IR temperature measuring instrument is a non-contact infrared thermometer with laser aim and large, backlit LCD display. Infrared thermometers are particularly suitable for measuring surface temperatures. The special benefit is the short response time (less than a second) without having to come in contact with the measured object. Therefore, the instrument is particularly suitable for moving (e.g. paper reels, tyres) or live (e.g. electrical assemblies, transformers) parts. Also for measurements in the food industry, because the medium is not polluted by a sensor. An additional NiCr-Ni thermocouple can be connected to the instrument. The ratio of distance to measurement point is 11:1.
The measured object must always be larger than the diameter of the measurement point.

Technical specifications

Measuring range infrared -33 °C/+500 °C
Measuring range thermocouple -64 °C/+1,400 °C
Accuracy of measurement infrared ±2 °C or ±2 % of measured value (the greater value applies)
Spectral sensitivity 6/14 μm
Accuracy of measurement thermocouple ±1 °C or ±1 % of measured value (the greater value applies)
Operating temperature range Ambient: 0/+50 °C Storage/transport: -10/+50 °C
Response time 1 second
Ratio distance to Ø measurement point 11:1
Adjustable degree of emission 0.10 ~ 1,00 increments of 0,01
Battery life Approx. 140 hours of continuous operation
Dimensions W x H x D: 39 x 175 x 80 mm
Weight 180 g (with batteries)

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Handheld electronic thermometers TM5 and TMD5.

For simple, accurate and extremely fast measurements of surfaces (e.g. supply and return pipes), liquids, soft plastic media, air/gases and extremely small objects as well as thermal throughput values and insulation values.

TM5 and TMD5 electronic thermometers consist of an electronic measuring system type K (NiCr-Ni) and a microprocessor-controlled evaluation and display system. A 4-digit LCD display shows the measured values. The instruments are supplied by 9 V batteries. When the unit is switched on, all available segments of the display are shown for 2 seconds. After this segment test, the unit is ready for operation. The instruments feature a measurement unit selection facility (Celsius or Fahrenheit). With the TMD5, it is sufficient to press a key to switch between the measured values T1, T2 and T1-T2 (differential temperature). Accessories include a protective housing (with magnetic holder, stand, transparent slide) and a protective pocket.

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Technical specifications

Sensor connection TM5 2-pole standard connector suitable for all NiCr-Ni sensors (type K).
Sensor connection TMD5 Two 2-pole standard connectors T1, T2 and T1-T2=differential temperature.
Selectable via keypad.
Sensor principle Thermocouple NiCr-Ni (type K)
Measuring range -50 °C/+1,100 °C
Measured values Minimum, maximum, current value
Accuracy of measurement -50.0/0.0 °C ±0.6 % of MV ±0.5 °C 0.1/1,100 °C ±0.5 % of MV ±0.3 °C

0.1 °C (from -50 °C/+99.9 °C)
1 °C (from 100 °C/1,100 °C)

Display LCD 4 digits, 13 mm
Operating temperature range Ambient: 0 °C/+50 °C Storage/transport: -10 °C/+50 °C
Supply voltage Battery 9 V (included)
Approx. 150 hours (zinc carbon battery)
Approx. 270 hours (alkaline battery, not included)
Housing Plastic, blue
W x H x D: 70 x 125 x 34 mm
Weight Approx. 200 g with battery.


  • Extremely fast measurements
  • High resolution
  • High accuracy
  • Universal application



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