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Data Loggers - Milivoltios mV-HR

The mV-HR is a small, two channel, high resolution (16 bit) Voltage data logger.
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Data Loggers - Milivoltios mV-HR

Señales - Otros mV-HR -- Intech
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HR Series loggers are small, single and multi channel loggers housed in a rugged 20mm diameter 304 stainless steel case. High accuracy and large storage capacity make the HR series ideal for most industrial and commercial applications.

The HR loggers can also be left connected permanently to the PC for instantaneous viewing of the data. All data is real time (time and date stamped). All TruTrack loggers will connect directly to a modem for remote down loading of data and can also send SMS messages on an alarm condition.

The mV-HR is a small, two channel, high resolution (16 bit) Voltage data logger.
It also has an internal temperature sensor for convenient logging of ambient temperature if desired.

Please Note: mV-HR data loggers are not supplied with a test lead set. These can be ordered separately from Intech Instruments if required.

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  • 304 Stainless Steel case.
  • 1 to 5 year battery life depending on usage, factory replaceable. Data is retained in the event of battery failure.
  • High Accuracy:
◦ 16 bit = HT-HR, Tc-HR, Pt-HR and mV-HR.
◦ 12 bit = T-HR, WT-HR, pH-HR and GP-HR.
  • Over 500,000 readings can be stored (* except as stated below).
  • User selectable sampling rate from 1 second to 10 hours in 1 second increments.
  • Operating range of -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F).
  • DLC3USB [USB] or DLC3 [RS232] download cable is used with all HR Series loggers.

Ordering Information:

Order code: Description:
T-HR Single Temperature
HT-HR Humidity & Temperature
THT-HR Humidity & Dual Temperature
Tc-HR Thermocouple Temperature, Accepts Type J,K,N,R and T probes (Does not include Thermocouple probe)
HHT-03 Type K Thermocouple Mini-Spear probe for Tc-HR, range -30/+300C (Other types of thermocouple probes are also available)
Tc-HR Plug Set 70mm lead c/w plugs (Specify thermocouple type)
Pt-HR RTD Pt100/Pt500/Pt1000 Temperature (Does not include RTD probe)
TP-Pt100 Pt100 temperature probe for Pt-HR, range -100~150C
mV-HR ±50mV / ±100mV / ±200mV / ±400mV (Does not include test lead)
mV-HR Lead Test Lead set for mV-HR logger
WT-HR Water Level / Temperature (see WT-HR page for ordering codes)
pH-HR pH / Temperature (Does not include probe)
M-## pH probe pH probe for pH-HR. Note: We recommend using a pH probe that has a built in Pt100 temperature sensor for the best possible accuracy with the pH-HR.
pH-HR Plug Set Fit plug set to pH probe for use with pH-HR logger.
GP-HR General Purpose (see GP-HR page for ordering codes)

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