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Data Loggers - Pequeño registrador de Temperatura Micro ToT The microToT is a single channel temperature logger. The two main features that distinguish this logger are its cost and size.

Data Loggers - Humedad y Temperatura Dual THT-HR The THT-HR is a small Three Channel High Resolution (10 bit) Humidity and Temperature data logger. *64,000 sample capacity.

Amplificador Trip MK 330 GS The MK 330 GS trip amplifier compares the measurement signal at the input with the pre-set values of the coding switches (0–99%).

Procesador Modbus RTU a TCP/IP The MB700 is a powerful multifunction module from LC700 family that can be used isolated or integrated to the SYSTEM302.

Data Loggers - Software Omnilog y Cable de descarga SWDL-DLC1 Six methods are available for connecting TruTrack loggers to OmniLog: Direct, Network, Modem, Modem, Tel-Link Radio Modems, Palm PDA Data Transporter.

Data Loggers - Temperatura Dual Termocupla Tc-HR The Tc-HR is a small Two Channel High Resolution (16 bit) Temperature data logger.

Interruptor Selector MSU The MSU 6 and MSU 12 selectors are designed for manual operation. They allow up to 6 3-wire or 4-wire transducers (MSU 6) or up to 12 2-wire transducers to be connected to a common display unit (or recorder).

Switch Ethernet SW-700 Smar SW-700 module is a Fast Ethernet Switch that provides LAN networks with 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX high-speed auto-sensing connectivity.

Data Loggers - Temperatura Dual, Pt100/Pt500/ Pt1000 The Pt-HR is a small Two Channel High Resolution (16 bit) Temperature data logger.

Barrera de seguridad Ex GHG 111 The GHG 111 Ex safety barrier is designed for intrinsically safe monitoring of measuring currents in Ex zone 1.

Relé Foundation Fieldbus FR302 FR302 is a fieldbus device that has two built-in relays making integration of Fieldbus and conventional devices such as solenoids, on/off valves, electrical actuators, motors, pumps, starters, etc.

Data Loggers - Milivoltios mV-HR The mV-HR is a small, two channel, high resolution (16 bit) Voltage data logger.

Amplificador de aislamiento Ex con fuente de alimentación STV 5104 B is used to supply, galvanically isolate and amplify 2-wire and 3-wire transducers in hazardous areas.

Fuente de Alimentación para backplane 90 a 264 Vac Esta fuente de alimentación redundante trabaja independientemente o en conjunto con otro módulo de energía redundante para garantizar el suministro constante de energía a la aplicación.

Data Loggers - Nivel de Agua, Temp de Agua, Temperatura de Aire The WT-HR is a Three Channel, High Resolution (12 bit), Water Height and Dual Temperature data logger fitted with a water height probe. *64,000 sample capacity.

Transductor Multifuncional MFU Universally programmable, multifunctional transducer for current, voltage, resistance transmitters (Pt 100 and others), potentiometer.

Fuente de Alimentación para backplane 20 a 30 Vdc This redundant power supply works independently or with another redundant power supply module to assure a constant power supply to the application.

Data Loggers - Ph y Temperatura Ph-HR The pH-HR is a small three channel high resolution (12 bit) pH and Temperature data logger housed in a rugged 304 stainless steel case.

Data Loggers - Temperatura Sencilla T-HR The T-HR is a small single channel high resolution (12 bit) Temperature data logger.

Amplificadores de aislamiento The TV 22 GL is used for the galvanic isolation and amplification of DC current signals (mA). The TV 200 GS is used for galvanic isolation, conversion and amplification of standard output signals (V/mA).

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