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WebCommander 3 - Sistema control de Bombas

Automatic command and monitoring system for pump water station, with GSM/GPRS transmission.
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Señales WebCommander 3   Sinergica
WebCommander 3 - Sistema control de Bombas 07-3008 07

Web-Commander Advanced pump station management.

General description

Automatic command and monitoring system for pump water station, with GSM/GPRS


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  • Integrated control system with all typical features of the water lifting stations
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Advanced control for pump station up to 6 pumps
  • Continuous level sensor and/or floating management
  • Selectable automatic clever pumps rotation
  • Faulty pump start management
  • Use pumps information: n° start and daily and total hours of working, pumps consumption
  • Special functions for the management of “full” event, periodic cleaning, well deposit
  • Display on specific page the last 100 on/off/alarm pumps events with date – hour – level
  • Datalogging: analog measurements and events up to 30.000 samples
  • Optional datalogging in USB pen memory
  • Expandable system up to 64 DI and 32 AI
  • Compatible with ModBus protocol
  • Remotely system monitorino via WEB portal, PlantManager software or SCADA

Operating system
WebCommander is designed to used from 3 different types of users:

ADMINISTRATOR: enabled to any feature
ADVANCED USER: enabled to manually drive the pumps and reset the work counters
BASE USER: can only see the system status

Thanks to its large display it is possible to see in the synopsis page, the operating status of the pumping station, particularly the pumps status, the level and thresholds. The easy and intuitive use make it an ideal instrument even for inexperienced employee.

WebCommander programming is possible on the field and is showed in very few pages on the display where the user can set the pumps number and their operation modes, the start/stop values of each pump, the start and stop delays and any level of alarm.

The programming of users, SMS/e-mail alarm messages, data-logging setting and everything related to remote control functions is made by using the included development toolkit. Programming can be done locally via serial connection or remotely using a modem. The system includes a simulation function, so the operator can verify the correct operation of the station.

The manual function, allows the operator to drive manually each pumps. It is also possible to make a reverse rotation.

Alarm management

The occurrence of an alarm, such as the thermal protection of the pump, is reported on the synoptic drawing the pump in red. WebCommander can also send event notification via SMS or e-mail up to 32 users.

The event is recorded in the internal datalogger and can be seen by the display page dedicated to recording the last 100 events.

Advanced functions
WebCommander includes a configurable number of advanced features to ensure a quick setup in any type of lifting station.

Some of these functions are:

  • Sensor level redundant management for a security operation
  • Clean well configurable by selecting the level or the work time or both parameters
  • On/Off delay time to avoid electrical overload or water hammer
  • Advanced functions for alternate starts based on operating hours or on number of start
  • Spill function which can command upstream pumping stations and avoid brushing in sensitive areas
  • Group pumps management
  • Winter and summer setting for a change of operative mode depending on the seasonality
  • Engines protection and calculation of pumps consumption and efficiency
  • Inverter adjustment
  • Flood event management

Communication Protocol
WebCommander supports ModBus Protocol, allowing any SCADA software or other peripherals supporting this protocol to get working data WebCommander comes with a remote monitoring software called PlantManager that lets you:

  • Monitor and program the station
  • Receive alarm messages
  • Download historical data, events and show the trend


16 bits CPU
4MBytes Flash ROM
512 KBytes RAM
128 kBytes EEPROM expandable to 256kBytes
Internal buffered RTC
N. 1 RS232 serial port (config./ModBus)
N. 1 USB port
N. 1 RS485 serial port (ModBus)

14336 samples measure
30720 samples measure with memory expansion
Interval sampling resolution from 1 minute to 65535 minutes
Possibility to select which analog signals must be stored
Memory circular buffer to don’t delete the already downloaded data
Log of digital input only if changes the state
Automatic data sending to WEB portal
Remote data download by modem using PlantManager software

I/O LEDs indicator
8 optoisolated digital inputs (0÷24V)
6 relè outputs
4 factory configurable analog inputs (0÷5V, 0÷10V, 4÷20mA HART, PTC/NTC)
2 analog outputs 0÷5V
optional ethernet interface on board 10/100Mbit

QuadBand GSM modem, 900/1800 and 850/1900 Mhz
Compatible with AT standard 07.07 e 07.05 commands
Full Type Approved for phase 2+
Voice, SMS, data and fax
Internal SIM case

Plastic IP21 case for DIN bar
Dimensions: 157 x 86 x 58 mm
SMA antenna connector

Operating temperature: -15°C ÷ +55°C
Relative humidity: from 0 to 80% without condensate
Compatible with AT standard 07.07 commands

Power 9-32VDC/12-24VAC
Average consumption 150mA, 400mA during transmission


  • Digital and analog expansions connectible to RS485 bus
  • High gain signal directional antennas
  • USB interface for data storage in pen memory
  • Signal conditioner for probes and sensors (PT100, PT1000, NTC)
  • Power device

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