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WebLog - Data Logger GSM/GPRS 9 Modulos

WebLog can store the data collected from 4 analog channels and 8 digital channel. The system is expandable through a connection to the RS485 BUS of distributed I/O.
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WebLog - Data Logger GSM/GPRS 9 Modulos 07-2011 07

Electronic system of measure, automation data-logging e GSM/GPRS tele-alarm.

WebLog can store the data collected from 4 analog channels and 8 digital channel. The system is expandable through a connection to the RS485 BUS of distributed I/O.

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Allows the remote control of automation plant through its versatile connection capabilities:

  • Analog inputs for sensors with 0/4...20mA, 0...5/10V o Ptc/Ntc
  • Opto-insulated digital inputs 0...32V for event logging or pulse counting
  • Storage instantaneous, minimum, maximum and average value
  • Sending SMS e/o e-Mail alarm
  • Each record includes the data value, date and time of sampling
  • Battery backuped clock and calendar
  • Storage capacity a maximum of 14.336 samples expandable to 30.720
  • Interval sampling resolution settable from 1 minute to 65535 minutes
  • System with integrate modem GSM/GPRS dual o quad band for data transmission
  • Plastic case for DIN rail bar
  • Intuitive configuration through the development toolkit and data analysis PlantManager application software
  • Data exported in text, excel or XML format
  • Easy local or remote programming control unit or any connected sensor
  • ModBus RTU standard communications protocol via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet


  • Temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level and other analogue signals data storage
  • Temperature monitoring: storage and transport temperature measure
  • Sewage liftings
  • Scooping and irrigation plants
  • Water supply
  • Data measurement from water cleaners
  • Rivers, wells, reservoirs measurement
  • Recording of time-activity
  • Access control
  • Underpasses, culverts, drains and overflow data monitoring
  • Flow recording by analogue signal integration
  • Automatic recording and automatic storage of data measured
  • Digital alarm or exceeded the threshold on analogue measurements, notification
  • Counting and totalization application

Programming and supervision
WebLog is equipped by a software for the programming and the supervision by which, the programmer is able to set up the system quickly and the user to have the real time under control system. DevTool is a software based on graphic simple and intuitive interface, thanks to which you can set up inputs and outputs, users, alarms, the datalogger and relative sampling times. Furthermore DevTool allows to define the alarm events, the messages and the notification modes.

PlantManager is a software which allows:
− realtime systems monitor through the synoptic pages creation
− receive the alarms and the historical data of the peripheral units
− display the historical data in tabular or graphic format
− plan a tracebleness calendar of the operators assigned to the maintenance

Internet Connection
The internal GSM/GPRS modem allow WebLog to send data using internet and WEB protocols to act as a WEB client that sends data to a server. WEB server publish the data received from the WebLog to the users enable to this service.


  • CPU
  • 16 bits CPU
  • 4MBytes Flash ROM
  • 512 KBytes RAM
  • 128 kBytes EEPROM expandable to 256kBytes
  • Internal buffered RTC
  • N. 1 RS232 serial port (config./ModBus)
  • N. 1 USB port
  • N. 1 RS485 serial port (ModBus)

14336 samples measure
30720 samples measure with memory expansion
Interval sampling resolution from 1 minute to 65535 minutes
Possibility to select which analog signals must be stored
Memory circular buffer to don’t delete the already downloaded data
Log of digital input only if changes the state
Automatic data sending to WEB portal
Remote data download by modem using PlantManager software

I/O LEDs indicator
8 optoisolated digital inputs (0÷24V)
6 relè outputs
4 factory configurable analog inputs (0÷5V, 0÷10V, 4÷20mA HART, PTC/NTC)
2 analog outputs 0÷5V
optional ethernet interface on board 10/100Mbit

QuadBand GSM/GPRS modem, 900/1800 and 850/1900 Mhz
Compatible with AT standard 07.07
Full Type Approved for phase 2+
Voice, SMS, data and fax
Internal SIM case

Plastic IP41 case for DIN bar
Dimensions: 157 x 86 x 58 mm
SMA antenna connector

Operating temperature: -15°C ÷ +55°C
Relative humidity: from 0 to 80% without condensate
Compatible with AT standard 07.07 commands

Power 9-32VDC/12-24VAC
Average consumption 80mA, 200mA in transmission

Digital and analogue expansions connectible to RS485 bus
Power device
Remote I/O on RS485 bus
GPS receivers
High gain signal directional antennas
Signal conditioner for probes and sensors (PT100, PT1000, NTC)
USB interface for data storage in pen memory • Display touch screen 5,7”X

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