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Configurador HART HPC401 Plus SMAR

Enciende la Palm incluida en una configuración rápida y plataforma de diagnóstico para instrumentos HART ®. Proporciona soporte completo para instrumentos HART ® en base a los archivos de descripción de dispositivos de fabricantes (DDL).
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Señales HPC400 Plus HART - 4 a 20 mA Smar
Configurador HART HPC400 Plus 07-1001 07

HPC401 HART Configurator.


Turns the included Palm into a fast configuration and diagnostic platform for HART® instruments.

Provides full support for HART® instruments based upon the manufacturers device description files (DDL).

New device files can be downloaded and added from the Smar Research website.

Faster and easier to use than other hand held alternatives.

Support Multidrop operation for all 15 nodes allowed by the HART® protocol.

Preinstalled software allows easy out-of-the-box operation.

Software upgradeable for future enhancements.

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The HPC401 package includes:

  • Palm TX Handheld*
  • HPI311-T5 Palm hardware interface
  • HPC401 DDL based HART® configuration software for the Palm OS
  • HPC Suite of applications
  • Palm USB cable, charger and all supporting documentation and CD's

The HPC401 Suite of software includes the following applications:

  • HPC401: DDL based HART® communication software that allows the configuration and monitoring of any HART® device
  • HPCGraph: Graphing application that allows device variables to be trended over time in an easy to view graphical format
  • HPCLogger: Data logging application that allows logging of device variables over time for exporting to a PC
  • HPC301: The original HART® configuration software. Included as an alternative to using DDL based menus and parameters

Supported Devices

Most HART® devices with a registered device description file (DDL)
*The Palm model subject to change without prior notice

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