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Transmisor de Nivel Ultrasónico UC552

Transmisor de Nivel Ultrasónico UC552. The ultrasonic impulses generated from transducers “antenna system”, which travel at the speed of sound, come reflected by the surface of medium and newly sent back to the transducer.
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Nivel UC552   BM Tecnologie Industriale
Transmisor de Nivel Ultrasónico. 02-1011 02


The ultrasonic impulses generated from transducers "antenna system", which travel at the speed of sound, come reflected by the surface of medium and newly sent back to the transducer.

The period of time that passes between the emission of impulses and the reception of the same ones from the antenna, is proportional to the existing distance between the same antenna and the higher level of the medium to measure, therefore the principle of the ultrasonic measure can be illustrated with the following equation:

S=CXT/2, where S: distance, C: velocity of sound, T: time lapse

Because of the wideband impulses, the overlap between the emission and the reception of the same impulses increases in particular zones, extending itself from the transducer to the bottom, causing a wrong measurement of the level. This error zone is defined "blanking zones" and its dimension vary based on the various models of ultrasonic meters that are used.

The use of an advanced microprocessor and the technology "EchoDiscovery”, allows the user of the instrument also in critical zones with heavy jobs. The function "False echo storage” assures the device to identify the correct echo also in presence of false ECHO, supplying correct measures. The integrated temperature sensor puts into effect a temperature compensation in real time.

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Level medium measurement, specially highly corrosive.

Flow measurement on open channel:

Range: 0.4…8m
Accuracy: 0.2 … 0.5 % end scale
Process connection: G2" A
Ultrasonic transducer: Compact
Materials: sensor: PU/ PC - PVDF housing: plastic PBT-FR / Aluminium
Protection: IP67
Working temperature: -40 ÷ 70°C
Storage temperature: -40 ÷ 80°C
Relative umidity: under 95%
Pressure of use: -0.2…1 bar
Resistance to vibrations: mechanical vibrations 10m/s2, 10÷150Hz
Frequency: 35 KHz
Angle emission lobe: 5.5°
Interval of measure: ~2sec
Interval of updating: ~3sec
Resolution display: 1mm
Supply 2 wires version: 
     - Input voltage: 15÷36Vdc
     - Absorption: max. 22.5mA
     - Ripple allowed: under 100Hz, Uss over 1V; 100Hz÷100KHz, Uss uder 10mV
Supply 4 wires version: 
     - Standard input voltage: 24Vdc ±10%;
     - Absorption: max. 4VA, 2.1W
Output signal: 2/4 wires 4-20 mA, HART
Resolution: 1,6μA
Fixed signal for anomaly: 20.5mA; 22mA; 3.8mA
Resistance 2 wires version: see following diagram
Resistance 4 wires version: max 500 ohm
Integration time: ------
Cables entry: 1x PG 13.5
Weight: 1.8…3 kgs

Diagram of loaded resistance, 2 wires version.


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