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Sensores de nivel tipo termistor PTC para tanques exteriores This PTC thermistor type level sensor is equipped with a height adjustable probe. It features a G1 brass screw fitting and is pressureand vacuum tight (1 bar). Tube fitting made of yellow, high grade impact resistant plastic with strong chain and flange g

Sensores de nivel tipo termistor PTC con aprobación Ex For tanks according to DIN 12285- 1, 12285-2, DIN 6624-1, 6624-2, 6619-1, 6619-2, 6623-1, 6623-2 or equivalent tanks with diameters and volumes according to DIN EN 12285-1.

Sensores de nivel tipo termistor PTC para tanques interiores GWG PTC thermistor type level sensor. For battery type tanks made of sheet steel according to DIN 6620- 1 design B and rectangular tanks according to DIN 6625-1 welded on site with heights between 1 and 4 m and for plastic tanks, also for battery arrangement

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