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Medidores mecánicos de estanque con indicación Unimes E

Mechanical tank contents gauges with electronic remote indication type Unimes E.
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Nivel Unimes E - Afriso
Medidores mecánicos de estanque con indicación. 02-8002 02

Mechanical tank contents gauges with electronic remote indication Unimes E

Continuous tank contents indication in tanks containing light heating oil EL, diesel and other low viscosity liquids which do not attack the materials of the gauge. For tank heights from 900 to 2,000 mm. An additional electronic remote indicator simplifies the taking of readings in installations where tanks are not easily accessible. Suitable for remote indication up to 10 m.

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Universal mechanical tank contents gauge with additional electronic remote indicator. The mechanical tank contents gauge is equipped with a fully adjustable brass and nickel silver gear train mechanism.

A pointer movement over a 270° scale is provided for tank heights or diameters of min. 900 to max. 2,000 mm. Contents indication is given in % of liquid level. The me-chanism incorporates an electronic sensor which generates a signal proportional to the liquid level to drive the remote indicator.

The remote indicator is connected to the tank contents gauge via a 3-core screened cable and plug. A long life battery supplies the power for the remote indicator which has a "push-to-read" function. The built-in microprocessor stores a great number of tank shapes and sizes and provides a choice of display of tank contents in liquid level height or volume. With this combination of direct mounting gauge and remote indicator a tank contents reading can be taken locally at the tank as well as remotely in a convenient place.


Technical specifications:
Functions Direct indication in % liquid level. Remote indication (push-to-read) Selection of units of indication and total volume calculation.

Measuring range
0–900 to 0–2,000 mm.
Accuracy of measurement
± 3% FSD
Operating temperature range
Medium: 0 °C/+60 °C
Ambient: 0 °C/+45 °C
Storage: -5 °C/+80 °C
Displayed units
Direct reading: 0-100% liquid level
Remote reading: Litres, m³, %, liquid level in mm, (4-digit 12 mm LCD)
Supply voltage
Direct reading: Purely mechanical system (non-electrical)
Remote reading: 1 x Lithium battery 3.6 V, approx. 5 year life span
Tank connection
G1½ and G2 threads
Housing and Float Materials
Direct reading: Impact resistant ABS, Ø 80, height 100 mm
Float: PE-HD, Ø 42, height 100 mm
Remote reading: PA6, glass loaded, Ø 75, depth 48 mm
Direct reading: IP 30 (EN 60529)
Remote reading: IP 51(EN 60529)
0.5 kg
Scope of delivery

  • Mechanical tank contents gauge
  • Electronic remote indicator (incl. battery and wall mounting bracket)
  • Interconnecting cable, 10 m long


  • Direct reading at tank and remote indication up to 10 m
  • Direct indication at tank without external power supply
  • Battery operated remote indication
  • Extremely long life through „push-to-read“ feature.
  • Convenient control of tank contents with easy-to-read display

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