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Interruptor compacto tipo paleta rotaria RotaFox® MLS 10 The RotaFox® MLS 10 rotary paddle switch is a universal level switch. The sensor and the switching device form a single unit.

Interruptor compacto de nivel por capacitancia CapFox® ENT 7 The CapFox® ENT 7 capacitance level switch forms with its associated probe a single compact unit. The unit can be supplied with either a flexible or a rod probe.

Interruptor compacto de nivel por vibración con aprobación WHG The vibration fork of VibraFox® is excited to its resonance frequency. When the fork comes into contact with the medium a change in frequency occurs which is detected by the electronics and converted into a switching signal.

Interruptores de nivel por conductividad Designed for use with electrically conducting liquids which do not foam excessively and are not highly viscous or adhesive (bridging), e.g. water, emulsions or waste water.

Interruptores de Nivel Minimelder y Maximelder Mini-/Maximelder consists of a control unit and a height adjustable float probe.

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