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Monitor de Flujo Blancett

The B2800 is a technologically advanced flow monitor designed to be comprehensive, user-friendly, flexible and cost efficient.
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Monitor de Flujo Blancett

Flujo B2800   BLANCETT
Flujómetro. 11-1072 11


The B2800 is a technologically advanced flow monitor designed to be comprehensive, user-friendly, flexible and cost efficient. This microprocessor-based display comes pre-calibrated by the factory when purchased with a Blancett turbine flow meter, or it can easily be configured in the field. The user may choose between the Simplified model which is programmed in seven simple steps and the Advanced model which provides additional programming options.

The B2800 is offered in six mounting configurations: meter, remote, swivel and hand-held, as well as a panel version and explosionproof display allowing for flexible installation. The B2800, when paired with a rugged, reliable Blancett turbine flow meter, will provide dependable and accurate flow information for many years to come. The B2800 may also be used with almost any flow sensor that outputs a low-amplitude AC signal..

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  • Displays rate and/or total
  • Large 8 digit by 3/4" display for easy viewing (meter, remote and swivel mount plus hand-held versions)
  • Battery-powered unit utilizes one “D” size 1.5 volt alkaline battery for up to 3-1/2 years of service
  • Loop-powered, 4-20 mA version available
  • User friendly front panel programming
  • Ten point linearization (Advanced model only)
  • NEMA 4X enclosure suitable for outdoor monitoring (meter, remote, and swivel mount versions)
  • Intrinsically safe (meter, remote and swivel mount versions)
  • Microprocessor-based, low power consumption
  • Six mounting options: meter, remote, swivel, hand-held, panel or explosion-proof
  • Simplified model displays in five selectable units of measure: GPM/gallons, LPM/liters, M3PD/cubic meters, BPD/barrels, or M3PH/cubic meters
  • Advanced model offers thirteen selectable units of measure: gallons, oil barrels, liters, cubic meters, Mgal, MCF, MMCF, cubic ft, Mliters, acre ft, liquid barrels, lbs, or kgs
  • Advanced model allows selection of time intervals for rate measurement in either day, hour, minute, or second
  • Advanced model includes gas measurement with correction software for pressure and temperature

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