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Advanced Differential Pressure flow meter Technology For The Real World. Designed for Difficult-to-Measure Applications.
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Flujo V-Cone Cono en V McCrometer
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Advanced Differential Pressure flow meter Technology For The Real World.
Designed for Difficult-to-Measure Applications.

High Performance in "Real World" Applications
McCrometer’s V-Cone® flow meter is an innovative system that takes differential pressure flow measurement to another level. Designed for mild to harsh operating environments, and for a wide variety of fluids, this advanced flow meter consistently outperforms traditional DP devices and other flow technologies. The V-Cone flow meter offers better accuracy and repeatability, wider rangeability, installation flexibility and reduced maintenance.

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Accuracy You Can Count On
The key benefit to the V-Cone flow meter’s unique design is its ability to provide repeatable accuracy of up to ±0.5% of rate under even the most difficult flow conditions, and over a wide range of Reynolds numbers. Whether measuring swirling fluids or low pressure flows, the V-Cone flow meter delivers the accuracy and reliability other devices only achieve under laboratory conditions.

Acts As Own Flow Conditioner
The V-Cone flow meter’s enhanced performance is due to the shape and position of the cone in relation to the measurement ports. This allows the V-Cone flow meter to act as its own flow conditioner by disrupting all centralized flow disturbances. This fully mixed and conditioned flow results in a low amplitude, high frequency signal with little "signal noise." Readings are always precise and reliable, including low pressure flow situations.

Maximum Installation Flexibility
The V-Cone flow meter’s ability to condition the flow prior to measurement results in another significant benefit: installation flexibility. Because the V-Cone flow meter can accurately measure disturbed flow, it doesn’t require the upstream or downstream straight pipe runs of many other flow meters. This key feature means the V-Cone flow meter can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system or easily retrofit into an existing piping layout. The result can be significant cost savings. It also means the V-Cone flow meter can fit where other flow meters can’t due to limited space or weight requirements.

Low-to-No Operating Costs
The V-Cone flow meter assures long-term performance. It has no moving parts to replace and maintain. In addition, the contoured shape of the cone directs the flow without impacting it against an abrupt surface. Instead, a boundary layer forms along the cone, directing fluid away from the beta edge. Because the beta remains unchanged, the calibration of the meter is accurate for a much longer time, possibly indefinitely.



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