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V2 System

Introducing the V2 System, a flowmeter specifically designed to save space by reducing the need for upstream and downstream straight pipe runs.
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Flujo V2   McCrometer
V2 System. 11-1006 11

Flow measurement solutions for water and wastewater.

Introducing the V2 System, a flowmeter specifically designed to save space by reducing the need for upstream and downstream straight pipe runs. Ready to install out of the box, the V2 System allows you to accurately measure flow in no time. And with no recalibration and easy installation, the V2 helps keep operating costs where they should be: down.

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High Performance
The V2 System offers better accuracy and repeatability, wider rangeability, installation flexibility and reduced maintenance. Its performance is so outstanding, some users say it deserves a technology name all its own!

Accuracy You Can Count On
The key benefit to the V2 System’s unique design is its ability to provide reliable accuracy of up to +1% of rate over a 10:1 flow range under the most difficult flow conditions. Readings are always precise and reliable, even under changing flow conditions:

  • Water Well Production
  • Cooling Water
  • Raw Water Influent
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Finished Water Effluent
  • Filter and Pipe Galleries

Acts as own flow conditioner
The V2 System’s enhanced performance is due to the shape and positioning of the measuring element. This allows the V2 System to act as its own flow conditioner, fully conditioning and mixing the flow prior to measurement.

Maximum Installation Flexibility
The V2 System’s ability to condition the flow prior to measurement results in another significant benefit: installation flexibility. Because the V2 System can accurately measure disturbed flow, it doesn’t require the same upstream or downstream straight pipe runs of many other flowmeters. This key feature means the V2 System can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system or easily retrofit into an existing piping layout. The result can be significant cost savings. It also means the V2 System can fit where other flowmeters can’t due to limited space or weight requirements.

Low-to-No Operating Costs
The V2 System assures long-term performance because there are no moving parts to repair or replace. And once installed, the V2 System never needs to be removed from service.

Pre-packaged, Tested and Ready to Install
The V2 System Flowmeter comes pre-packaged, wet flow calibrated and ready to install, taking the headaches away from adding the meter to any flow installation. Benefits and Features:

  • Displays both rate of flow and total flow. Rate and total functions are independent of each other allowing for many different combinations of flow units.
  • Accuracy up to +1% of rate
  • Flow range: 10:1
  • Installation: Typically 0-3 diameters upstream and 0-1 diameter downstream
  • Totalizer pulse and linear 4-20 mAdc outputs
  • No parts to wear so little maintenance required
  • HARTTM Interface
  • 3-way manifold for isolating the transmitter

PERFORMANCE ACCURACY: Up to ±1% of reading over standard flowrange.
RANGE: See dimensions chart below
HEAD LOSS: Typical 2 psi at Full Scale MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE: (Standard Construction) 180°F constant PRESSURE RATING: Model V2150: 150 psi Model V2300: 300 psi
POWER: 110 VAC, optional 24VDC
OUTPUTS: Analog 4-20mA

Remote mount display includes 50 feet of power/signal cable. For additional length, please consult factory.
BODY: 6-inch & larger: Fusion-bonded epoxy coated carbon steel 4-inch: All 304 stainless steel
Measuring Element: 304 stainless steel

     6-inch & larger: Carbon Steel AWWA Class D;
     4-inch: Raised Face ANSI Class 150
     6-inch and larger: Carbon Steel AWWA Class F;
     4-inch: Raised Face ANSI Class 300







  • Other flange standards available
  • Other laying lengths available
  • Transmitter may be mounted on either side of the flow tube





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