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Propeller Meters

Los flujómetros Propeller de la línea Water Specialties de McCrometer están diseñados y fabricados con técnicas y componentes de altísima calidad, lo que ofrece un rendimiento superior que permite importantes ahorros en mantenimiento y durabilidad. Wa
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Propeller Meters. 11-1003 11

Perfect flow measurement solutions.

Water Specialties Propeller Meters are designed and manufactured with precise techniques and high quality components to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Materials used on all meters and flow ranges for low velocity construction meet or exceed AWWA standard C704-02. Meters are available for a variety of applications, in sizes 2" through 120".

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Remote mounting

The Remote Mounting Kit is the ideal solution for measuring flows in tight-fit installations, such as meter vaults or confined spaces. Designed for use with FlowCom digital indicator- totalizers and indicator-totalizer-transmitters, the kit includes a water-tight connection to the meter head, and up to 100 feet of cable. All parts are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant materials for a long maintenance-free life.

Electronic propeller meters

Water Specialties offers the most radical change in propeller meters in the last fifty years. Our electronic meter offers the latest in technology and simplicity of design. Engineered from the ground up, the electronic meter is light years ahead of its time. One moving part The propeller is the only moving part in the electronic propeller meter. A sensor which is magnetically coupled to the propeller electronically drives the digital indicator-totalizer. FlowCom display Specially designed LCD display can be read in bright sunlight and will not be damaged by prolonged exposures to sunlight. The indicator-totalizer is encapsulated in a moisture resistant barrier so no moisture can come in contact with the electronic components. This solid state design offers extended life. Long life battery The battery has a life of 6 to 10 years. Transmitter Optional Outputs 4-20 mA Pulse output Contact closure Memory The non-volatile memory retains the totalizer quantity and programming. Installation The electronic meters can be installed vertically, horizontally or inclined. Conversion Water Specialties mechanical propeller meters can be converted to electronic propeller meters in the field.

The meter must have a full flow of liquid for proper accuracy. Fully-opened gate valves, fittings, or other obstructions that tend to set up flow disturbances should be a minimum of five pipe diameters upstream and one pipe diameter downstream from the meter. Meters not equipped with straightening vanes must have a minimum of ten pipe diameters upstream and two pipe diameters downstream from the meter.

Meter testing

One of the world’s largest volumetric test facilities owned by a meter manufacturer offers accuracy and calibration tests of flow meters 5⁄8" to 72" diameter, with flow rates up to 60,000 GPM. Expanded capabilities allow testing of up to 20 meters of the same size at one time. Every Water Specialties Propeller Meter is tested in its final form in the same pipe size and same tube style that the meter will be mounted in.

The testing is at minimum, intermediate, and maximum flow ranges of the meter and the amount of water used to conduct the test is left on the totalizer. If desired, the test may be witnessed by you, the customer, or your selected agent. A copy of the certified accuracy test record is furnished upon request. We can also test most types and brands of meters. Please consult our factory for any special testing you would like done.

The Water Specialties

Propeller Meteris uniquely designed to meet the flow measurement needs of water and wastewater users. Employed extensively in the water and wastewater industry, it has built a reputation for durability, reliability and high performance. Our knowledgeable staff can assess your flow measurement application and help you find the best metering technology for your situation.

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