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Mc Space Saver

Conserve agua y ahorre dinero con el medidor de alta precisión McSpace Saver de McCrometer, el cual se adapta a cualquier lugar.
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Flujo Mc Space Saver   McCrometer
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Mc Space Saver

Developed with a breakthrough design that combines advanced flow conditioning and propeller meter technologies, the Mc SpaceSaver™ Flow Meter from McCrometer delivers superior accuracy, lower installation costs and long-lifewith lowmaintenance. It’s the ideal money-saving flow measurement solution to help farmers, water district engineers and irrigation dealers cope with the latest water metering programs.

For more than 50-years,McCrometer has been the leader in developing innovative flow measurement solutions designed specifically for rugged agricultural and turf irrigation operations.The first McCrometer flow meters were designed for farmers by farmers who knew first-hand the challenge of bringing water reliably and efficiently to crops without wasting a drop or a nickel. .

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How flow conditioning works
TheMc SpaceSaver FlowMeter operates over a wide 15:1 flow range and supports themost popular 6 and 8-inch irrigation line sizes. It is designed with a built-in flow straightener assembly that greatly enhances measurement performance.As the upstreamflow in an irrigation line approaches the Mc SpaceSaver, its built-in straightener mixes and shapes the liquid flow into a smooth stream before it reaches the impeller to optimize measurement performance.

The result is greater flowmeasurement accuracy, in real world installations of up to ±2 percent,with ±0.25 percent repeatability. TheMc SpaceSaver’s built-in flow straightener allows it to be installed in close proximity to chemigation, butterfly and gate valves, or out-of-plane elbows, and reducers with excellent measurement stability -- compared to mag and other flow meters, which specify accuracy based on ideal laboratory flow conditions.

The Mc SpaceSaver is designed with heavy-duty propeller meter technology for rugged agricultural service. Featuring a self-cleaning propeller design, the Mc SpaceSaver prevents the build-up of solids. Its unique magnetic coupling system keeps the register drive isolated from the flow while permitting unrestricted movement of the impeller. Free rotation of the impeller also is assured by factory-lubricated stainless steel bearings.

The straight story on straight runs
The advanced Mc SpaceSaver from McCrometer is a total system solution, featuring a built-in flow straightener to condition water flow,which virtually eliminates the upstream/downstream straight pipe runs typically required in existing or new flow meter applications.

Straight pipe requirements
Requiring only aminimumof 1.5 straight pipe diameters upstream and 0.5 downstream, the Mc SpaceSaver reduces typical installation piping and labor costs by more than 50 percent,which makes it the right fit for both retrofit and in brand new installations.

Flow rate indicator and totalized flow output
The Mc SpaceSaver Flow Meter comes with a standard instantaneous flow rate indicator and a straight-reading totalizer.Unlike mag and other types of flow meters, the Mc SpaceSaver requires no electric power to operate. With no Lithium batteries to fail in extreme heat or cold or humidity, your valuable flow data is continuously available and safe via the Mc SpaceSaver’s standard register.

The versatile water measurement solution:

  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Turf irrigation
  • Drip and sprinkler systems
  • Greenhouse growers
  • Pumping stations
  • Canal laterals
  • Golf course
  • Park management
  • Center pivot systems

Mc SpaceSaver Specifications
Mc SpaceSaver consists of:MO300F Flow Meter and FS100 Flow Straightener

MinimumUpstreamStraight Run: 1.5 pipe diameterminimum (measured from propeller)
Acceptable Installation Effects: Chemigation Valves, in plane elbows, out of plane elbows, fully open butterfly and gate valves

6" and 8"nominal and OD pipe

Customer PipeWall:
Metal: over 0.08,under 0.5
Plastic: over 0.25,under 0.5 ForM0300F

Inserted into pipeline through rectangular hole and locked in place by a single 1/2 or 5/8 inch bolt.The M0300F Flow Meter is designed to cover the rectangular hole used to install the flow straightener.
For ExistngM0300 Installation: Inserted into pipeline through open end of pipeline and locked in place by a single 1/2 or 5/8 inch bolt.

Installation Bolt:
Stainless steel with dual seal.

Body M0300F:
Fabrication 304 stainless steel saddle with stainless steel drop pipe is supplied with:brass bearing housing, stainless steel bearings,polypropylene impeller,magnetic drive, instantaneous flow indicator, straight-reading six-digit totalizer, and flat neoprene gasket.

Body FS100:
304 stainless steel

Glass bead blasted

Pressure Rating:
150 psi maximum.



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