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Aislador Optico IN-OID The IN-OID is an Interface for the purpose of potential free matching and protection of on/off dc input process signals to on/off dc output signals.

Unidad de protección de sobretensión de señales para instrumento LPN-OVP is suitable for installing in the narrowest of places, making it ideal for automated process industrial and building service systems.

Filtro de línea IN-LF Designed as an economical and reliable protection against high-voltage transients and surges, and other electrical noise, produced for example by lightning, switching and electrical noise on AC or DC power lines.

Amplificador de Flujo TW-FFA The TW-FFA Flow Amplifier was designed and manufactured specifically for use with flow transducers (or other ac/dc waveforms) to provide a stable and amplified output for further processing

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