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Transmisor de Densidad DT 302I

El DT302 es un instrumento desarrollado para la medición continua, en línea de densidad y concentración de líquidos en procesos industriales.
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Densidad DT 302I FIELDBUS Smar
Transmisor de Densidad DT 302I 04-1002 04

Transmisor Inteligente de Densidad y Concentración.

The DT302 Foundation Fieldbus Density Transmitter is an instrument developed for the continuous, online measurement of liquid concentration and density, directly in the industrial process. Its pioneer technology consists of a capacitive type differential pressure transmitter coupled to a pair of pressure repeaters immersed in the process.

A temperature sensor located between the two pressure repeaters is used to compensate the temperature variations in the process fluid. A dedicated software, by means of an algorithm, calculates the fluid density. Depending on the industrial process, density may be expressed in Brix degree, Gay-Lussac degree, Baumé degree, Plato degree, concentration, etc. The DT302 is a Foundation Fieldbus product.

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Some Characteristics:

Range 1: 0.5 to 1.8 g/cm³
Range 2: 1.0 to 2.5 g/cm³
Range 3: 2.0 to 5.0 g/cm³

Communication FOUNDATION Fieldbus on 31.25 kbit/s voltage mode according to IEC 61158-2

Range 1: ±0.0004 g/cm³ (±0.1 °Bx)
Range 2: ±0.0007 g/cm³
Range 3: ±0.0016 g/cm³

Power Supply
Bus powered:
9-32 Vdc.
Quiescent current consumption: 12 mA 

Function Blocks
Up to 20 Dynamically Instantiable Function Blocks.
The Function Blocks available allow simple and complex control strategies to be placed inside the field device, making the field device an integral part of the control system. In order to fully benefit from the Function Blocks in the device a True Foundation Fieldbus system is recommended.

Indication 4 ½-digit numerical and 5-character alphanumerical LCD indicator
Wetted Parts 316 SS or Hastelloy 
Temperature Limits
     Ambient: -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 ºF)
     Process: -20 to +150ºC (-4 to 302ºF)

Static Pressure Limit 70 kgf/cm² (7MPa) (1015 PSI)
Ambient Humidity Limits 0 to 100% RH

Process Connection
Industrial model:
316 SST flange ANSI B16.5
Sanitary mode: 304 SST Tri-clamp 

Hazardous Area Certification:
Explosion proof, weather proof and intrisically safe
Mounting: Side or Top Mounting
Weight: Sanitary model: 8 kg - Industrial model: 14 kg.

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