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Remote Connect

Save time with flow data available anytime from the internet.
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Control Remote Connect  Hélice McCrometer
Remote Connect. 03-3009 03

Save time with flow data available anytime from the internet:

One stop shop

The leader in propeller flowmeter technology now offers a remote telemetry system. Let your trusted partner for flow measurement bring the data to you. McCrometer is your convenient one stop shop offering flowmeters, RemoteCONNECTTM remote telemetry system, and installation service for RemoteCONNECT.

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Save time - accurate data when you want it

McCrometer’s RemoteCONNECT saves your valuable time by eliminating the need to drive to each meter site for reading and manually recording flow data. Convenient access to continuous flow data from the internet will free your time to focus on other important tasks. Take out the guesswork by always knowing the status of your flowmeters.

Availability of accurate flow data tells you how much water is applied to ensure accurate billing and water allocation. Now you can provide timely information to producers to alert them when they are close to allocation.

Affordable solution for multiple meter sites

With RemoteCONNECT only one satellite transmitter is needed for every 25 meters making it the economical solution for multiple meter sites. These meters with RC100 units can be located within a two mile radius of the satellite transmitter. The RemoteCONNECT system is also expandable to meet your needs in the future.

Easy to install or retrofit

To ease your transition into the next generation of flowmeter solutions, this system can easily retrofit onto your McCrometer propeller flowmeters. The system can be installed without flowmeter removal under flow conditions and does not require external power.

Durable against tampering and bad weather

The system was designed with security in mind- from the polycarbonate, high impact electrical box to the tamper-resistant security screws. The solar panels incorporate a polymer coating to withstand hail. The RemoteCONNECT remote telemetry system is built from durable materials to resist against tampering, vandalism or harsh weather.

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