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Configurador Portatil HART / Plataforma Palm

Los configuradores HPCOM de Springfield, están en la categoría de Configuradores Portatiles HART, soportados por Plataforma Palm.
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Spring Technology
Control HPCOM HART Springfield
Configurador Portatil HART / Plataforma Palm 03-4001 03

HPCOM HART Configurator.


The HPCOM is a reliable HART hand held configurator for field devices. Its small size, light weight robust and ergonomic design is easy to carry on your own pocket or tool box, its proven reliability can simplify configuration or data analysis in the field. The HPCOM has communication compatibility with all HART field instruments, currently have available software drive for over 350 existing HART instruments. More device driver can be arranged upon HART DDL/EDDL source files, or custom specification.

The HPCOM is mainly used at process control plants for commissioning, diagnosis, data monitoring and configuration changes of HART instruments. The Lithium Ion rechargeable battery will allow a full day of work under reasonable usage, this feature plus size, light weight and software functionality will assure a good return of investment.

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  • Hand held configuration and monitoring for HART field instruments at the field or control room.
  • HART interface plugged with robust industrial connector.
  • Software driver for over 350 existing HART instruments.
  • New driver can be developed upon customer specification or DDL source file.
  • Lithium Ion battery charge for 24 hours operation (at 360 HART messages/hour.)
  • Large non volatile memory storage for software and at least 500 device drivers.
  • Easy to upgrade or add new device driver.
  • Smallest, lightest, and smartest carry on HART communicator available today.

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