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Instrumento de Evaluación con Heating Check y Módulo

All adjustment and inspection measurements for the entire heating system with a single device: Flue gas analysis, differential temperature, differential pressure, heating system inspection, 4 Pa test.
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Analítica HC-10, HC-M, HC-C, HC-E, EP Check   Afriso
Instrumento de Evaluación con Heating Check y Módulo. 10-4003 10

Heating check with evaluation instrument
HC-10 and module HC-M.

Energetic evaluation of the heating system as per EN 15378

The EU directive covering the energy efficiency of buildings requires, among other things, a one-time inspection of heating systems with heat generators that are15+ years old.

The heating check is a suitable means of identifying weak points in heating systems with regard to energy efficiency. It is a reliable, standardised inspection procedure for heating systems. The objective is to provide consumers with simple and easy-to-understand information on potential energy savings for heating and to point out a good costbenefit ratio for modernisation of heating systems. However, considerably newer heating systems also have great saving potentials, not just older facilities. Replacing the boiler is just one of many measures that can be taken. The optimisation of the existing heating system offers tremendous energy savings potential.

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  • Intuitive, menu-guided heating system inspection with automatic calculation of the evaluation points
  • Fast and convenient measurement, data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Immediate measurement and display of surface losses and ventilation losses
  • Fast and easy determination of potential energy savings and suggestion of appropriate action
  • Documentation of measured results possible by means of printer
  • Easy retrofitting of EUROLYZER ST instruments already operating in the field

The heating check:

  • Measurements at the heat generator
  • Flue gas losses
  • Surface losses
  • Ventilation losses Visual inspection and evaluation of the heating system
  • Heat generation: oversizing, recovery of heat of condensation, boiler temperature control
  • Heat distribution: hydraulic balancing, heating pump, insulation
  • Heat transfer: room temperature control


Evaluation instrument HC-10 for heating check
The HC-10 evaluation instrument for heating checks with Bluetooth is an ergonomically designed hand-held device for the energetic evaluation of heating systems (surface and ventilation losses) as per EN 15378. It is operated via a touchpad for easy scrolling. The HC-10 evaluation instrument receives the measured value via wireless Bluetooth from the heating check module HC-M and performs an automatic calculation of the evaluation points. The measured results can be easily documented by means of a printer. In addition, the HC-10 evaluation instrument also allows for temperature and differential temperature measurement via the standardised temperature connections. Together with the EP check, it is also possible to measure any type Evaluation instrument HC-10 Heating check module HC-M EP check Pitot tube SR-10 with temperature probe 4 Pa kit of differential pressures in the range of +/- 20 mbar. The measured values can be optionally stored on a MicroSD card.

Heating check module HC-M
The HC-M heating check module consists of a straight Pitot tube SR- 10 (removable), a surface probe and the EP check.

EP check
The EP check features a Bluetooth interface as well as a differential pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. The measured values are recorded directly at the measuring point; there are no tubes required. The measured values are transmitted wirelessly to the HC-10 evaluation instrument or other data recording systems, e.g. netbooks, provided they are equipped with a Bluetooth interface and the appropriate software. It is possible to connect the Pitot tube probe SR-10, the 4 Pa kit or the suitable surface probe to the EP check.

Scope of delivery

Heating check Comfort HC-C
Evaluation instrument HC-10, straight Pitot tube SR-10, EP check, surface probe, case.

Heating check Economic HC-E
Straight Pitot tube SR-10, EP check, surface probe, PC software.

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