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MK Marine Kit E8500-MK

Analizador de Emisiones portátil para el cumplimiento del Convenio MARPOL Anexo VI.
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MK Marine Kit.

Analítica E8500-MK   E Instruments
Analizador de gas. 10-1008 10

MK Marine Kit E8500-MK.

The E Instruments E8500-MK Portable Emissions Analyzer Marine Kit can provide reliable and accurate measurements of O2, CO, CO2, True NOx (NO+NO2), SO2, and CxHy hydrocarbons to help ships achieve and confirm compliance with MARPOL AnnexVI and the NOx Technical Code and obtain IAPP certification.

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El Modelo E8500-MK incluye lo siguiente:

  • Eight (8) Gas Sensors Total:
    O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 (Electrochemical), CO2, CxHy, High CO (NDIR)
  • “True” NOx Measurements and Low NOx Capable
  • Consumable Spare Parts:
  • (10) Line Filters and (5) Condensation Filters
  • Built–in Thermoelectric Chiller with Automatic Condensate Removal
  • 40′ / 1m Sampling Probe (2190°F/1200°C max)
  • with 10″ / 3m hose & Sintered Filter for probe tip
  • Draft & Differential Pressure Measurement
  • Multi-Channel Thermometer
  • Software for Real–Time Data Logging, Graphing, and Reporting
  • Blue Tooth Wireless Communications
  • Automatic Long–Term Monitoring & Data Logging with Internal Memory
  • Efficiency & Excess Air Calculations
  • Rotating LCD Display
  • High Speed Microprocessor
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Light Weight, Durable, & Easy to Transport Design

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