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Computador de análisis para gases de combustion EUROLYZER ST EUROLYZER ST is an ergonomically designed flue gas analysis instrument for measurements and servicing of oil-, gas- and pellet-fired installations.

Computadora de análisis para gases de combustion MULTILYZER NG The ideal solution for checking and servicing small and medium heating systems according to the German BlmSchV guidelines. In addition, it can be used for CO concentration safety checks at gasfired systems.

Computador de análisis para gases de combustion MAXILYZER NG This flue gas analysis computer with state-of-the-art technology and modern design features an integrated printer and gas treatment unit.

Computador de Emisión The entire processing logic is based on single second cycles, i.e. all data is recorded and calculated (e.g. standardisation) and visualised in cycles of one second. This is considerably faster than the legal minimum requirement of 5 seconds.

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