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Sistemas de alarma de gas según la norma DIN-rail housing

Compact, freely programmable gas alarm system with standard DIN-rail housing for the connection of up to 6 sensors with alternating indication of measured values.
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Alarmas (GW-SK)   Afriso
Sistemas de alarma de gas según la norma DIN-rail housing. 09-3003 09

Gas alarm system GW-SK in standard DIN-rail housing.


Compact, freely programmable gas alarm system with standard DIN-rail housing for the connection of up to 6 sensors with alternating indication of measured values. The evaluation unit can monitor various types of gases. Six integrated relays can be assigned as required (one relay is used for general alarm and one relay for the audible alarm signal (horn). The other relays are available for control outputs.

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The following combinations are possible:

  • 1 alarm threshold, 6 sensors, 4 alarm groups
  • 2 alarm thresholds, 6 sensors, 2 alarm groups
  • 3 alarm thresholds, 6 sensors, 1 alarm group

The gas alarm station features a display with alternating indication of measured values and three operating levels:

1. Measurement level: the unit displays the measured values, faults and alarms.
2. Parameter level: this level displays measuring ranges, limit values and alarm groups.
3. Service level: this level allows you to show the limit values, perform function checks of the relays and edit the parameters (such as alarm group and limit value settings, etc.).


When the GW-SK unit is switched on, the "operational" LED lights up. The system then alternately displays the concentrations present at each measuring point. The LED of the relevant sensor lights up. When the alarm levels 1 or 2 are exceeded, the appropriate alarm LED lights up. At the same time, the corresponding alarm relay is activated. When the concentration falls below alarm level 1, the alarm is cleared. This also applies to alarm 2, provided the system runs in "non-memorising" mode. Otherwise, alarm 2 remains active and can be cleared with the re-set button. The relay for the horn can also be programmed for each alarm level. It can be muted immediately with the re-set button or it is automatically deactivated after 2 minutes. Each time a new alarm is triggered, the horn is activated. In addition, an LED indicates the alarm status. In "stop" mode, the system permanently indicates the concentrations measured at a specific measuring point.

The system is self-checking and monitors cable defects, short circuit and power failure. Such faults are indicated by an LED and the fault relay. In addition, the display shows an "E". Using a special code all system data can be modified or reconfirmed.

Special features:

  • Limit values can be adjusted as required for each channel (max. 1–4)
  • 1 horn output
  • 1 fault output
  • Serial interface (option)
  • Displays the concentrations present at each measuring point in sequence or permanently displays the concentration at one specific point
  • Alarm test without test gas
  • Highly versatile and easy to use due to microprocessor technology
  • Flexible operation
  • Simple to service
  • Designed for up to 6 sensors
  • Freely adjustable alarm levels (max.1–4)
  • Computer aided set-up
  • Alarm memory facility (max.1–4)
  • Self-checking: power failure (option), cable break, sensor short circuit, computer defect
  • Reset for horn and alarm
  • LEDs for alarm and "fault" for sensors 1–6
  • Digital display with choice of: concentration, programming data or calibration data
  • Relay outputs for alarms freely selectable (max. 4), 1 each for horn and general alarm.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage DC 24 V or AC 18 V
Inputs Up to six sensors can be connected, all sensor types with 4–20 mA output
Alarm thresholds Max. 4, adjustable, "memorise" or "non-memorise" mode
Outputs 6 voltage-free relay contacts, serial interface (option)
Controls Keypad for alarm and horn reset, edit, menu selection, Enter

Display elements

LEDs for:

  • Alarm and fault for each measuring point
  • "Operational", horn and indicated measuring point

Digital display for:

  • Concentration values, menus ...

Operating temperature range -10 °C/+40 °C
Power consumption max. 30 W at 24 V
Protection: IP 30 (EN 60529)
Housing according to DIN 43880, for 35 mm DIN rails
Dimensions W x H x D: 105 x 75 x 90 mm
Electrical connections 35-way screw terminals
Weight: 650 g
Sensor types Series 400-, 500-, 600-, 700- and 800.

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