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Alarmas de gas de uso doméstico

GS Series are gas alarms for applications in domestic dwellings, with integrated sensor and alarm buzzer. GS Series are highly sensitive reliable alarm units.
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Alarmas (GS 1.1 - GS 4.1)   Afriso
Alarmas de gas de uso doméstico 09-1006 09

Gas alarms for domestic use.

Technical specifications 
Supply voltage: AC 230 V
W x H x D: 158 x 90 x 44 mm
Protection: IP 20 (EN 60529)
Temperature range: 0 °C/+50 °C
Humidity: max. 75 % rel. humidity.

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Gas alarm GS 1.1 Methane
GS 1.1 is a gas alarm for applications in domestic dwellings, with integrated sensor and alarm buzzer. GS 1.1 is a highly sensitive reliable alarm unit. LEDs for operation (green), alarm (red), fault (yellow), the test button and the re-set button are located at the front of the housing. The alarm is triggered when approx. 20 % of LEL is reached. The audible alarm can be muted with the re-set button. The visible alarm remains active until the alarm condition no longer exists (re-set). Factory preset for methane (natural gas), the unit is also suitable for other gases such as propane or butane.

Gas alarm GS 2.1 Methane
Gas alarm GS 2.1 for applications in domestic dwellings with integrated sensor, alarm buzzer and relay output for connection of external alarm units such as a horn or an alarm lamp. Function and operation are as for GS 1.1. The unit features an additional input for connection of an external gas sensor type GS 4.1 as a second measuring point. This enables the monitoring of two different rooms. The operating state or alarm condition are visually indicated at both measuring points. The audible alarm is only triggered at the central GS 2.1 unit. This alarm can be muted with the re-set button. The visual alarm remains „on“ as long as the alarm condition exists.

Gas alarm GS 3.1 CO
Gas alarm GS 3.1 for the detection of dangerous CO concentrations. The unit is equipped with a semiconductor sensor (alarm threshold 300 ppm CO, service life approx. 5 years). The unit is only suitable for domestic use. It is installed close to the heating or hot water boiler. Housing, version and function are identical to GS 1.1 (cross sensitive to lacquers, solvents, alcohols, etc.).

The GS 4.1 gas sensor is a remote sensor for the GS 2 gas alarm.
The housing contains the semiconductor sensor and the electronics. The arrangement of the LEDs corresponds to that of the GS 1.1 and GS 2.1 units. The alarm condition is memorised in the GS 2.1. The service life of the semiconductor sensors of the GS 1.1/GS 2.1/GS 4.1 units is approx. 5 years, depending on the operating conditions.


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